• Water Purifier Bio Cube for Livestock Aquarium...

    • Make water safe for your animals and fishes
    • Instantly clean algae water
    • Improve the quality of your farm animal’s drink
    • BIO-Cube is made of Honeycomb Ultra-Absorption Activated Carbon
    • Each cube treats up to 150 L (40 Gallons) then clean it before reuse it
  • Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder

    • Gently tosses squirrels off before they can devour your seed supply.
    • 4 feeding ports: Multiple birds can dine at the same time.
    • Supports larger birds.
    • Durable construction with heavy-duty metal base and cap, and UV-stabilized polycarbonate seed tube.
    • Easy to fill and clean with lift-off lid and wide-mouth seed reservoir.
    • Material: Metal, Polycarbonate.
    • Size: 9.05*5.9inch (23*15cm) Approx.
  • Weed Eater Wire Brush Attachments Universal Heads Indestructible Unbreakable Wired Trimmer Blade

    Weed Eater Wire Brush Attachments Universal Heads...

    • Get the job done is a fraction of the time
    • Made from steel wire for hardness, sharpness and durability
    • Full coverage, no dead spots
    • Fits all trimmer models
  • Flip N Slide Bucket Lid Mouse Trap

    • Original Flip N Slide Bucket Lid Mouse Trap
    • Can catch upwards of 20 mice at a time
    • Safe and hygienic, no harm to people or pets
    • Easy to install and reusable
    • No more dirty corpses from a glue or snap trap
    • High efficiency
    • Compatible with standard-sized 5-gallon buckets
    • Packaging includes :
      • 1*Flip N’ Slide Bucket Lid
      • 1*Flip N’ Slide Counter Weighted Plank
      • 2 Piece Ramp
      • 1*Instructional Guide
  • $28.90$57.80
  • Stable Fly Trap

    Stable Fly Trap

    • Perfect solution to enjoy a fly-free environment.
    • Odor Free (10 natural bait).
    • Chemical Free (Non-toxic).
    • Catches 20% more flies compared to other traps and expands to hold 4x the amount of flies.
    • Save money (empty and reuse) year-round (Eco-friendly).
    • 1 time set up (no monthly pesticide guy).
    • 1 min set up  (Hang it bait it forget it).
    • Each of Stable’s reusable fly trap covers an effective radius to ensure it won’t attract unwanted colonies.
    • Meanwhile effectively getting rid of only flies that enter on your property!
  • Outdoor Flower Bird Feeder

    Outdoor Flower Bird Feeder

    • Beautiful and unique flower shaped bird feeders.
    • Helps feed garden birds and create a mini-ecosystem for them.
    • A beautiful addition to any garden, and you can witness many songbirds up close.
    • Very easy to install and the petals can be opened or closed as needed.
    • Size : 30×7 inches (78x18cm) Approx.
    • Material : Iron.


  • Best Garden Kneeler And Seat Multi Functional...

    • A must-have if you like to spend time tending to your garden.
    • Folds with ease. Comes assembled.
    • Weight Capacity: up to 330.7lbs.
    • Comes with a hanging bag for storing tools.
    • Enjoy comfortable gardening with the Garden Kneeler And Seat.
    • Transform from a kneeler to a cozy seat for versatile gardening.
    • Material: Steel Tubing, EVA Foam and ABS Tool Pouch.
    • Color: Green.
    • Size: 23.8*19.5inch (60.45*49.53cm) Approx.
    • Package Content
        • 1 x Garden Kneeler Seat,
        • 1 x Tool Pouch,
        • 1 x Instruction Manual.
  • Ranch Fly Trap The Fly Hunter – Giant Hanging...

    • Ranch Fly Trap Bag: Easy setup, just add water!
    • Catch flies like crazy, protect your loved ones.
    • No putrid smell, no suffering.
    • Safe for your animals, effective against flies.
    • Built to last, no constant replacements.
    • Material: PVC.
    • ٍSize: 8.43*7.79inch (21.4*19.8cm) Approx.
  • Solar LED Lamp 6000K

    Solar LED Lamp 6000K

    • Motion Sensor
    • Remote Controlled
    • Built in rechargeable battery
    • 6000k to 65000k
    • Waterproof
    • Three functions
    • Size : 19.5 x 5.5 inches (50 x 13.5 cm)
    • Dusk to Dawn Mode
    • Induction distance:3m
  • Weeding Artifact Uprooting Weeding Tool

    Weeding Artifact Uprooting Weeding Tool

    • Efficient weeding tool for gardening and agricultural tasks, saving time and effort.
    • Designed to make weeding work more efficient.
    • Easily removes weeds in narrow spaces and corners.
    • Easy precision weeding with our tool. Insert four times around the weed.
    • Made of high-quality steel.
    • Suitable for gardens, yards, and farms. Removes weeds and aids cultivation.
    • Perfect for gardening enthusiasts and farmers.
    • Material: Manganese Steel.
    • available in 2 sizes: 11.5inch (30cm) / 20inch (50cm) Approx.
  • $27.90$50.00
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