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  • Multifunction Thermal Transfer Paper

    Multifunction Thermal Transfer Paper

    • With your printer and a roll of iron, you can turn a plain old t-shirt into a trendy graphic tee in minutes.
    • Bring out your creative ideas visible into your shirts, mugs, shoes, backpacks, glass and more!
    • Can be used on a variety of surfaces, including fabric, wood, leather, glass, window, wall, ceramics, acrylic, phone case and more!
    • Can be washed without fading away the pattern.
    • The static cling design allows for easy application and removal.
    • High quality and with no cracks found
    • Material: Sublimation vinyl
    • Size: A4.
  • Magnetic Seam Guide, Magnetic Sewing Seam Guide Presser

    Magnetic Seam Guide, Magnetic Sewing Seam Guide...

    • Allows for precise seam control, ensuring uniform seam widths
    • Secure placement prevents veering off course when sewing through thick fabrics
    • The magnet stays firmly in place while you sew
    • Can be easily removed and repositioned as needed
    • Compatible with all popular quilting and sewing machine brands
    • Dimensions: 4.4*1.2 inches ( 11*3cm) Approx.
  • Fabulous Sewing Design 5-In-1 Quilt Cutting Ruler

    • Use our 5-in-1 quilt cutting ruler easily cut strips, squares, diamonds, triangles, trapezoids, etc. Like a professional to sew gorgeous and unique quilts.
    • Save Time – Cut up to six 2 ½ inch strips or twelve 1 ½ inch strips without ever moving the tool.
    • Reduces the rotary cutting time by up to 70%.
    • Save Money – Easily cut 12 to 144 squares, effectively saving your time and money on making square quilts.
    • Ideal for cutting out quilt blocks, patchwork, applique, and other sewing projects.
    • Left-hand Friendly Design – Use the 30 degrees, 45 degrees, and 60-degree angles to cut trapezoids, triangles, diamonds, and parallelograms.
    • Made from durable acrylic material for years of use.
    • Size:  6 inches or 12 inches ( 15 or 30cm) Approx.
    • Color: Transparent.
  • Inflatable Mannequin Full Female Body

    Inflatable Mannequin Full Female Body | Blow up...

    • Is accurate in design, so your clothes will look good on display.
    • The inflatable mannequin has a curvy female body.
    • Changing clothes on this mannequin is easier.
    • Easy to inflate and deflate.
    • You can store it away when not in use.
    • A lot lighter than the usual mannequins.
    • Material: PVC.
    • Height: 66.14*34.6in (168*88cm) Approx.
    • Color: Gray.
  • Dress Design Craft Making Kit

    Dress Design Craft Making Kit

    • Creative way to teach your kids the basics of fashion.
    • Encourages creativity and self-expression.
    • Builds confidence and fine motor skills.
    • A thoughtful present for fashion enthusiasts.
    • Enjoy bonding while nurturing creativity.
    • Encourage practical design skills.
    • The Dress Design Craft Making Kit is practical.
    • Material: Fabric.
    • Color: Pink, Purple, Blue, Green.
    • Package: Model stand, Fabric, Various decorations, double sided adhesive tape, ruler, Crescent spoon, Crystal glass drill, Paper clip, Manual.


  • Metallic Adhesive Backed Tape Measure

    Metallic Adhesive Backed Tape Measure

    • Accurate readings and measurements.
    • Lightweight metal construction that won’t easily tear.
    • Large, clear prints reduce measurement errors.
    • Self-adhesive for quick setup.
    • Suitable for workbenches, sewing tables, and various DIY projects.
    • Lightweight and easy to carry for on-the-go tasks.
    • The adhesive tape measure is practical.
    • Material: Metal.
    • Color: White.
    • Size: 59.44*0.4in (151*1.5cm), 35.4*0.8in (90*2.8cm) Approx.
  • Jewelry Crimping Tool DIY Pliers

    Jewelry Crimping Tool DIY Pliers

    • Will make crafting jewelry and accessories easier.
    • Long and comfortable handles for maximum grip.
    • Flat tip for effective crimping without cutting.
    • Spring allows it to bounce back open.
    • You can crimp the accessories together.
    • Material: Steel.
    • Color: Blue.
    • Size: 4.72*3.15in (12.9*8cm) Approx.
  • Sewing Storage Box Sewing Kit Organizer

    Sewing Storage Box Sewing Kit Organizer

    • Keeps all your sewing supplies organized in one place.
    • Perfect for taking your sewing projects on the go.
    • Durable and sturdy construction.
    • Perfect for organizing and storing all your supplies.
    • The box is also stackable, so you can save space.
    • Material: Cloth + Wood + ABS.
    • Size: 12.0 x 9.1 x 6.1inch (30.5 x 23 x 15.5cm) Approx.
  • Pattern Making Multi-Purpose Draping Tape

    Pattern Making Multi-Purpose Draping Tape

    • You can use it to make temporary designs.
    • You can use it for making dress patterns.
    • This draping tape is perfect for nail art.
    • High-quality glue does not leave sticky residue.
    • Convenient and easy to use.
    • Material: Crepe Paper.
    • Size: 98.4in (25meters) Approx.
    • Color: Black, Green, Blue , Red, Yellow, White, Dark-Green.
  • HandySewer Portable Sewing Machine

    HandySewer Portable Sewing Machine | Handy Sewing...

    • Effortlessly repair clothes and sew with professional finesse.
    • Tackle various sewing projects with ease.
    • Simple and easy-to-use mechanism for beginners and experienced seamstresses alike.
    • Portable design for emergency repairs on-the-go.
    • Versatile and efficient, handles a wide range of fabrics.
    • Save time and money by making quick repairs and alterations at home.
    • Material: ABS+ Metal.
    • Color: Red.
    • Size: 4.33*2.75inch (11*7cm) Approx.
  • Embroidered Dog Iron On Patch

    Embroidered Dog Iron On Patch

    • Show off your love for your pet with the Embroidered Dog Iron On Patch.
    • Easily personalize and enhance your favorite outfits with this fun patch.
    • Quick and hassle-free application process for a stylish touch.
    • Versatile and adaptable to any fabric item, from t-shirts to backpacks.
    • A unique and thoughtful gift for dog lovers, adding joy and style to their wardrobes.
    • Material: Embroidered Cloth, Adhesive.
    • Size: 3.15*2.56inch (8*6.5cm) Approx.
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